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Track employees with live photo updates Download route date & view detailed reports Mange clients & categorise by service type Assign optimized routes & view time stamps

We combine tracking, data and precision.

Our main priority is to facilitate your business needs helping you focus on the important aspects of your businesses growth.

ListifyCRM is a contract , employee, and client management tool all inn one! With our in-app routing system, assign employee's to specific client routes, needs and to-dos, once arrived on the clients property.

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Our Features

Learn how ListifyCRM delivers specialized capabilities.

Admin Dashboard

Admin can monitor all crews and routes or assign to specific employees. While managing all client list, contracts and work reports from one dashboard.

CRM Aspect

This part of the software allows you to manage accounting, active and inactive clients, contracts, and requirements for each client.

Employee Portal

All employees have access to their own portal via mobile app. It directs employees to optimized route on map, publish their progress, notes & pictures.

Live Updates

Receive live updates from each employee after each property is completed. Including completion photo, time started, time ended, notes and property status.

Export Reports

Export all time stamps, route reports and property completion photos at the end of each route or day.        

Assign Employees

Generate an optimized route for employees to follow to visit the intended location to save time, efforts and money.


View quick-start tutorials on how the Admin dashboard and Employee app work

ListafyCRM Tutorial                    ListafyCRM Tutorial


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  • Unlimited CRM Usage
  • Unlimited Clients/Properties
  • Mobile App for Employees

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  • 16-25 Employee
  • Unlimited CRM Usage
  • Unimited Clients/Properties
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  • How can ListifyCRM help my company?

    ListifyCRM can help your business stay track, manage clients and employees while staying completely efficient! We offer employee management such as time stamps, routes selector, optimized routes and report generator so you keep track of all the important aspect given to your employees.

    The CRM feature includes many different capabilities for managing your client bse, quotes, contracts and business for your business.

  • Can I generate custom routes for my employees?

    Of course! ListifyCRM is ultimately built for you to assign specific routes to your employees. You can also generate routes, specific priority selections and group routes as well! All of which can be generated to Excel file once the day or routes are done!

  • Can I import my current client list?

    Yes, you most definitely can! All you need to do, is import the list, using the Excel template we provide you once signing up for ListifyCRM! Transferring current clients is a piece of cake! Plus, you can add notes for each property and assign the list to specific employees!

  • How about my employees? Do they need to download the app?

    Yes! When you sign up your business, you will pick the tier you need based of the number of employees you have. From there, a special authentication code will be assigned to your company or the amount of employees you described in the sign up details. At that moment, all your employees can go to Google Play or Apple app stores to download the app and sign up using there names, emails, and of course the special pin we generate for you.

  • Where do I manage the entire ListifyCRM?

    As the admin of the app, you can manage and access everything from your computer desktop! Just sign up using your company information and you’ll have full access to the CRM aspect and the entire employee/company management. Form your desktop (ListifyCRM Dashboard), you can control your settings, active/inactive admins, employee list, clients list and much more!

  • Can I used LisifyCRM to manage all clients?

    Yes, LisitifyCRM allows you to manage, categorize and view all clients. ListifyCRM allows you to set active and in-active clients, view past and present clients, and categorize based off various services you offer. Also, you can create, categorize , and assign Quotes, Contracts & Invoices to each individual client.

  • How can I generate reports after each route is completed?

    It’s simple! Once the end of the day arrives or the routes are completed by the employees, admin can generate the reports efficiently going to the “reports” section then “export reports”. From here, you can select a specific list and generate the report based of specific employees assigned to that list. You can also generate and export the reports via Excel doc for the entire route/list.

  • How does the map view work?

    The map view essentially allows you to track your employees current property position on the route you have assigned them. As a property is completed the pins will change to blue indicating it has been successfully completed with a not and or photo for the proof of completion. All property statuses will be included in generated report once full list is complete or admin decides to generate the report.

    The map view can also be viewed as live updates come in when each employee completes a task on the property that was assigned to him on the specific list.

  • How do I add employees?

    Adding employee is fairly simple! Employees need to sign up via mobile application using most common email address. Admin can now import a list of all employee email adresses via Excel file (please view template in-app) into the “Add employee” tab on the sidebar menu. At this moment all employees registered emails will automatically link to the names associated to the employee accounts created. Admin can now view, assign and delete employees as needed.

  • How do I adjust my account settings?

    You can access you account settings via “setting” portal on sidebar menu for admin view, and “settings” icon on employee dashboard (mobile app). In the settings you can change passwords, adjust preferences and delete or cancel subscription.
    Please note, cancelled subscription will only take effect at the end of the month you decided to opt out of the CRM software.

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